Fuel Surcharge

Month YEAR FUEL Surcharge
September 2020 13 %

Due to the continuing rise of fuel prices we are forced to implement a fuel surcharge. A flexible surcharge will therefore take effect from 1 October 2004 and the surcharge will rise, fall or be removed in line with movements in fuel prices (see table below). The fuel surcharge will be applied to each shipment net invoiced amount. The fuel surcharge is applicable for all national & international express shipments, export & import.

Details of the surcharge will be updated each month on this site.  The fuel surcharge is to be based on monthly average spot prices for fuel surcharges as per indices :Rotterdam ARA/spot prices, London brent crude oilspot prices & the US Dept. of energy.

The Fuel surcharge will vary in 0.5% steps and will be updated on a monthly basis. It should be noted that there will be a 1 month lag in the application of the index. Meaning, the monthly average price for fuel in, eg. January, will be used to determine the applicable surcharge in, eg. March. This is due to the release dates of the data.

Attention : For airfreight shipments, other fuel surcharges apply. For additional info on this subject, please contact our general office. 

Month Year Fuel Surcharge
September 2020 13%
August 2020 14%
July 2020 12%
June 2020 10%
May 2020 11%
April 2020 15.5%
March 2020 18%
February 2020 19.00%
January 2020 18.5%
December 2019 18%
November 2019 18.5%
October 2019 18.5%